Wellness, redefined.

Well-being has long been part of the coastal ethos; with the sea as a backdrop, it only makes sense that a setting so connected to life would inspire people to make the most of theirs.  We invite you to immerse yourself in the new Waldorf Astoria Spa, where curated experiences are personalized to usher all guests into moments of authentic peace and optimal living.

Opening Schedule for Waldorf Astoria Spa

  • Resort Guests & Members Only
  • Local Residents & Outside Guests: We look forward to welcoming you soon & please check back for dates

For Waldorf Astoria Spa appointments, please call 949.234.3900



Prescriptive & Personalized

Introducing the new Waldorf Astoria Spa, where results-based clinical treatments and products speak to the fusion of science, medicine, and wellness.  With optimal living as the guiding light, our expert team harnesses the power of globally revered products and innovative techniques to provide a captivating menu of treatments.




Surroundings to Inspire

The best escapes, the truly restorative experiences we all need from time to time, include self-care and mindful reflection—and our expansive, comprehensive seaside spa provides you with the tools for both.  Relax at the spa pool.  Recharge in the sauna.  Retreat to a cozy lounge.  When you’re here, you remain in the moment and you’re right where you belong.

Spa treatments offer day-long facility access, including locker rooms, steam room, sauna, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, outdoor lap pool, men’s/women’s/co-ed relaxation lounges.