Where the main attraction is you.

It’s the glance you give one another the moment the sun slips below the horizon. The wink and a smile at the inside joke only the two of you share. The ability to finish each other’s sentences—not that you need to, because after all, you already know exactly what is coming next.

Whatever romance means to you, it’s free to blossom at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club.

Here, on one of the most picturesque stretches of California coastline, the sparkling ocean in the distance creates an undeniable sense that something remarkable is about to happen. Yet it all serves as a mere backdrop to the main attraction—you and your love.

You’ll find indulgence and inspiration in equal measures at our seaside retreat, whether your ideal getaway includes lazy mornings in an inviting guestroom or suite, active days among the sand and surf, culinary experiences at acclaimed restaurants, or a blend of anything and everything.

Begin the day at the Monarch Bay Beach Club, your exclusive front-row seat on the shore. The beach chairs and umbrella are set out just for you, and our team is ready with paddle boards, kayaks, and more for a peaceful jaunt on the water. Once you return to land, having worked up an appetite, why not grab a picnic basket from Part + Parcel Market, find a trail, and explore until you find the perfect place for lunch?

Perhaps a visit to the Waldorf Astoria Spa is in order for a relaxing (and romantic) couples treatment, complete with a dip in the spa pool. And as evening draws near, so does our sunset ritual of happy hour specials and incomparable views on our Beach Lawn. Just follow the sound of the ship’s bell—and then follow your heart to whatever adventure lies ahead.

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